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    IS1 Season 2 New Regulation Updates


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    IS1 Season 2 New Regulation Updates Empty IS1 Season 2 New Regulation Updates

    Post  WAMcreator on Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:36 pm

    As well as the usual rules (which can be found in the ISAMCAR section of the forums) there are new rules for IS1 for the new season.

    Engine modification:
    Engine modifications such as boost mapping are strictly prohibited, drivers who are found to be using boost while be given a strike in addition to a potential disqualification from the race. A season ban may occur if a driver has used boost mapping on several occasions.

    3 strike system
    If a driver repeatedly causes a series of up to 3 incidents, or behaves in an abusive manner to admins or other drivers, they will be given a race ban (depending on the severity of each incident). If a driver sends racist messages directed at another member or   anyone they will first be given a warning (again,depending on the severity) and ultimately, be given a race ban.

    If a driver is given a strike for an incident they do not believe is valid they may post on the "Appeals" section (TO BE ADDED AS OF 11/08/2013). A vote may also be called among drivers and admins on the facebook group. Drivers can launch a maximum of 3 appeals for every 2 months.

    If a driver is inactive over a series of races without a good reason they may face being moved to a different team or being kicked out of the league all together! If a driver misses 5 straight races without any valid reason or a response then they will be kicked from the league.

    If an inactive driver misses 3-4 straight races without a valid explanation they will be moved down the grid to a lesser known team.

    If chat is used in order to send racist messages or something deliberately insulting a driver then the user will be either warned or banned for a race depending on the severity. Chat may not be used in qualifying or race for off-topic messages. In addition, if a driver crashes or gets annoyed at something there is no need to send a message such as "FUUUU I CRASHED DAMN WILLY CRACKER BONGO PARTY". If you do need to say something that is related to the race and important e.g a question like "How many laps?" then the message is allowed providing it is sent in one message not

    If chat bothers you you can edit your profile to not show chat in car.

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