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    Race Calendar 2013


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    Race Calendar 2013 Empty Race Calendar 2013

    Post  WAMcreator on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:18 am

    Here is the order for the circuits we will race on, dates tbc

    1. Toban Grand Prix
    Date: 2nd February or 9th At 4 or 5pm London time

    2. Shakir (Bahrain circuit)
    Date: RACE RUN

    3.Laguna Seca GP
    Date:RACE RUN

    4. Lienz Mini GP
    Date: RACE RUN

    5. Saschenring 2009
    Date: RACE RUN

    6. New York
    Date: RACE RUN

    7.Orchard Lake Grand Prix
    Date: RACE RUN

    Date:RACE RUN

    9. Essington_Long
    Date:RACE RUN

    10. Mills_Long
    Date:RACE RUN

    11. Monaco
    Date:RACE RUN

    12. Saschenring 67
    Date:RACE RUN

    13.Trois Riveries
    Date:RACE RUN

    14. Spa
    Date:RACE RUN

    15. Singapore Bay
    Date:RACE RUN

    16. Zolder
    Date:23RD JUNE 2013 3PM GMT

    17. Haywards Heath
    Date:30TH JUNE 2013 3PM GMT

    18. Abu Dhabi
    Date:7TH JULY 3PM GMT

    19. InterlagosĀ 
    Date:14TH JULY 3PM GMT

    20. Imola
    Date: 21ST JULY 3PM GMT

    Drivers do NOT need to attend ALL the of the races. As long as you do most of them and admin has enough people to continue without you that is fine.

    Stay tuned for updates on race dates! bounce

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