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    Welcome to ISAMCAR!


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    Welcome to ISAMCAR! Empty Welcome to ISAMCAR!

    Post  WAMcreator on Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:44 pm

    Hi everyone, welcome to ISAMCAR! ISAMCAR is a sim racing league I hope to start very soon for rFactor. However, this league isn't aimed at the 35 year old virgin men who do nothing but race in online leagues all day (pros). Anyone can join no matter how mind blowingly awful you are, as long as you follow the rules and you don't go flying into the first corner down the inside taking out half the field you can drive in the league!

    Soon I will be posting a new thread where you can download the mod pack required to play. This will most likely be a tweaked version of RFT's F1 2008 mod. I know it's old but it was the first mod I ever played on rFactor so I have more experience with the cars and I have spent more time modding this pack than any other.

    We will also release a track pack soon, and this pack will feature some lesser-known circuits but they are still immensely fun!

    Another feature coming to the forums is the all-new groups. These will be the teams in the league. Soon, there will be a thread where you can apply for contracts and seats at teams.

    See you soon

    -Will Very Happy

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