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    Post  WAMcreator on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:21 am

    At the moment some of WAM are trying to make a school using the Millienare mod we may be hosting build sssions in the WAM! server so you can help us build some classrooms and connecting corridors, so all of the NPCs in singleplayer will not b able to escape and will walk around like kids in the school
    Please post a reply if you want to help! Then we can release the mod (FREE!) in the Mod u may be able to:
    walk around the school
    explore secret rooms and classes
    attend classes
    school roleplay
    find stuff you would find in a chest in a school
    put people in detention with loads of mobs and just a wooden sword
    pull pranks on teachers and npcs by using redstone and swithces to create traps
    kill everyone
    get homework( dont hav 2 do it!!!)

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